Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Scream Queen: Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev immigrated to Canada with her family from Bulgaria at the age of two, and she showed a great enthusiasm for sports, dance and acting while still very young.

She landed her first acting jobs while in her teens, including a leading role on the TV series "Degrassi High: The Next Generation."

Although only now in her early she has major roles on two television series to her name, and appearances in almost 20 movies. In the horror genre, she co-starred with Kevin Sorbo in "Never Cry Werewolf" (a SciFi Original Picture that actually was pretty good), had a supporting role in the Liam Neeson-Starring thriller "Chloe" and she can currently be seen in a major recurring role on the television series "The Vampire Dairies".

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Craig Edwards said...

I'm not at all familiar with her - is she trying to pick things to work on I don't watch? - but she is a toothsome morsel - and as I said last week - a nice nylon-wrapped leg is always a +1 for me!

(And I would watch the Sorbo werewolf movie - just haven't yet)