Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Scream Queen: Adrienne Barbeau

Born in 1945, Adrienne Barbeau began her show-business career as a go-go dancer in a mafia-operated club in New York City, but by 1968, she had broken into Broadway theater and left exotic dancing behind. In 1978, she starred in her first collaboration with her future husband writer/director John Carpenter, and their association led to her most famous roles in "The Fog" and "Escape From New York", roles that Carpenter conceived with Barbeau in mind.

Although she is best known for her horror roles, those types of movies actually make up a very small part of her far-ranging acting resume, with the number of recurring roles she's had on television series (staring with "Maud" in the 1970s and continuing through to this very day with her regular role on "General Hospital). Not even one-tenth of her 100+ acting and voice-over parts have been horror roles, but she still makes the top of many "scream queen" lists. And Barbeau continues to return to the horror genre every so often, as evidenced by the 2007 chiller "Unholy" and her rumored involvement with the upcoming film "Manson Rising".


Cinema Du Meep said...

Love Adrienne. Thank you for this.

Autumnforest said...

She is on my top 3 list. I like that she's so real too, a husky voice, natural unaugumented face and boobs--great combo and it totally worked to drive men crazy and make women identify with her. She is always very real and accessible.

Craig Edwards said...

Those two comments nail my affection for her - The Fog has always been a favorite, and she's a big part of why. Nice choice, Mr. Miller.