Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Scream Queen: Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Best known for her role in the acclaimed television series "The Sopranos", Jamie-Lynn Sigler's acting debut was in regional theater productions in New York State at the age of 7. Her career has mostly been divided between the stage and television series, but along the way she has also made half a dozen movies, three of which are independently produced horror films.

Sigler's second film role was in the 2001 anthology picture "Campfire Tales". She was also featured in "Dark Ride"--which was part of the 2005 "After Dark Horror Fest" line-up--and her most recent excursion into the realm of fright pictures was a starring turn in "Beneath the Dark" in 2010.

Born in 1981, Sigler turns 30 this Sunday, May 15.


Major.Mack said...

she looks like a skeezer in this picture

Steve Miller, Writer of Stuff said...

If I knew what that meant, I'd engage you in conversation. Instead, here's the blog equivalent of a blank stare. :)

Craig Edwards said...

I don't know about you two, but I'd definitely skeezer! [dirty old man laugh]